7 Best GRE Prep Courses & Coaching Online [2021]

Through this dated post, we will be revealing the top 7 best GRE preparation courses and coaching that you can avail online in 2021. These courses allow you to get the certification, classes, and training too. It also consists of some paid and free resources that will allow you to prepare for the GRE examination with suitable credibility. These courses are best suitable for all kinds of learners, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner.

That interest you make sure to stick with the post till the end to get the most out of it. With that being said, let’s dive deep into it. 

7 Best GRE Prep Courses in 2021

Following is the list of courses of GRE Prep that compiled through research. So let’s get deep into it. 

GRE Prep Course (Mangoosh)


This platform is one of the best in class and most relevant, allowing you to shortlist the distance between an acceptance letter and form your own learning methods. This complete course consists of several concepts like a pitfall, shortcut in an examination, etc. You will also learn latex material from the analysis of millions of students. 

There is an option of a targeted study schedule that will keep you motivated and plan and track through the exam day. So that you’ll maximize the true potential of your credibility and learnings, the progress tracker can help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. By the end of this course, you will be confident while examining without any hassle. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point that we have shortlisted regarding the course:- 

  • This platform has an intuitive touch wood that helps you analyze the score that can be compared with the students and track your learnings. 
  • Get access to 250+ lessons, 1200 questions, and full-length test accessibility. 
  • Get access to the editor technology to stimulate the official examination and help you gain the real test examination experience.
  • You are free to study from any of the resources from desktop or mobile devices.
  • If you get stuck in certain questions, you will automatically create email assistance to clarify the doubts.

Duration of course:

It’s a completely self-paced course, so you’re free to learn it at per convenience. 

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GRE Test Prep Online Course (Princeton Review)


If you are supposed to Grab the best in class and most relevant GRE scoring platform, you should definitely a bed for this platform. They consist of highly talented experts in the GRE field that will help you score the maximum amount of marks in an examination without any errors. You will get access to both of the learning patterns within you can learn it at your own pace or go in the classroom learning for the comprehensive preparation of GRE examination. 

With the adaptive way of learning, you can customize the speed and difficulty level of questions. There’s an availability of algorithms, online tools, sessions for the exclusive prep for the test patterns that’ll help you complete the preparation accordingly. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point provided by the platform:

  • Based on your result, you can perform your own initial drills and follow-up drills to level up your expertise. 
  • Throughout the day, you’re free to prepare for a GRE that’ll enhance the overall environment. 
  • It has a more intuitive dashboard that can maximize the overall report, and you can even adjust the schedule according to need. 
  • Use of data material and lectures are available. 
  • The instructor helps you with each of the complex problems that you might be facing. 

Duration of course:

It’s a self-paced course, so you’re free to avail it as per convenience as there’s no fixed time. 

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GRE Prep – Courses and Test Prep (Kaplan)


The next up in our list is the most advanced platform that comes with a plethora of options available, including live online training, tutoring, unlimited preparation, and pacing, etc. So if you’re the one who’s willing to grab and with detailed knowledge, the GRE prep by Kaplan can help you a lot from scratch. 

To avoid this complete course, you need to answer a few of the three simple questions belonging to your expertise. And once you do so, it will be easier for you to align the best requirement. For building the best possible foundation for your curriculum examination, you can avail of their tutorials designed with complete knowledgeable content that can he’ll you from scratch. By the end of this course, you will also get access to the official test environment to prepare for the actual examination. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point that you need to know about this course:- 

  • The classes consist of fundamentals and concepts that will gradually increase your level and maximize a certain topic’s strength. 
  • Depending upon the subject, difficulty level, and question number, you can customize the quiz as per the requirement. 
  • The course instructor will help you and ensure that you get the optimal marks in the GRE examination.
  • Get one by one without clarification session accessibility with full-length proctored practice GREs. 
  • Get access to the content anywhere and anytime. 

Duration of this course:

It’s a completely self-paced course, so you don’t have to give it a specific amount of time, as you’re free to grab knowledge depending upon the time. 

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GRE Classes and Training Online (PrepScholar) 


This complete platform helps you to optimize the highest score possible in the GRE examination depending upon the space that is being tested. With the help of integrated training and teaching, you will cover both curriculum and strategies as per the requirement.

By applying the discussed shortcuts, you will also give the proper solution for the questions. Once the students attend the classes, they can even customize the questions in different formats depending upon the many lessons to target the score. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point of this course:- 

  • You will take over the small diagnostic to identify the weaknesses and strengths of GRE skills. 
  • You’ll also be able to master one of the verbal and quant skills depending upon the lessons, practice tests, and quizzes. 
  • For boosting of your school or you will also be able to hone your weaknesses and basic skills. 
  • Get access to all question banks, mini-lessons, 72+ interactive classes, 300+ questions, vocabulary course, etc. 

Duration of this course:

It’s a completely self-paced course so you can avail for it as per the need.

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GRE Online Prep Course & Classes (Manhattan Prep)


If you are the one who is supposed to Grab the skill set at and higher instance and you should definitely avail for this complete course where it was starting from scratch. This platform allows you to access all of the resources that might include practice tests, an official guide tracker, challenge problems, free classes, events, blogs, and forums to maximize the course’s overall value. 

This course’s content helps you prepare for the examination and that you will face the advanced career in graduation in the specific stream that you’re into. Duty regular update of content no bug can lower your value. With the help of this course, you will be able to strategize the complete guide and access every necessary fingertip content.

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point of this course:- 

  • You can choose the way you want to prepare for the examination, so the doctor will help you sort out the issues you are facing. 
  • Topics take the classes for serving years of experience in the specific stream.
  • Get access to several different options in the complete course like the subject, workshops, etc. 
  • This detailed course lecture also includes visualization and demonstration to make your content more engaging and fun while learning. 

Duration of this course:

This complete course is self-paced, so you’re free to grab the knowledge depending upon the best feasible time. 

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Ignite Your GRE Quant Score (Target Test Prep)


The all-new target test prep helped you guide all of the topics that can be managed upon the quant section of GRE. This complete course consists of well-optimized video lectures and practice questions so that students can easily prepare for the GRE examination with fully customized study plans and schedules. 

The course consists of almost 3000+ practice questions that can help prepare for the examination. You can easily start by accessing their trial just by paying $1, which is negligible so that you’ll get to know their offerings. To see their TTP, you can even get access to completing the best TESOL courses facility. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point that we’ve shortlisted:

  • Get access to all of the question papers and respective video solutions to understand the process in detail.
  • You will be able to get complete GRE topic knowledge that consists of 600+ videos with 21 chapters in it. 
  • Depending upon the best suitable time, you can practice the questions as per the choices.
  • You will get an analysis of complete methods while solving the questions to improve the strategies.

Duration of this course:

It’s variable, so you can decide the way you want to complete the course.

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GRE Score Improvement Course (The Economist) 


Suppose you are the one who is supposed to Grab the course that includes the score improvement in the top 7 points GRE examination if you directly apply for sports consisting of several different modules that can maximize the strength of your self-belief during the examination. In the online medium, this GRE economist is considered the best option to enhance the overall capability. 

We consider this to be the best just because it allows you to stay in touch with the tutor one-to-one to sort out the issues you might be facing related to the subsequent topic. This means Tutor is always available to sort out the queries and issues as quickly as possible. 

Key USPs:

Following are some of the unique selling point that we have short-listed:

  • This complete course provides complete lessons and thousands of practice questions that can help crack the GRE examination.
  • This course will help you to analyze the strength and weaknesses of the critical areas.
  • You can study in the knowledge just by sitting in your comfort zone and with your father’s examination online.
  • Even if you don’t have a laptop, their content is well mobile-optimized to access via the smartphone itself. 
  • Get a 24/7 facility which means the support system is truly beneficial. 

Duration of this course:

It’s a completely self-paced course, so you don’t have to invest a specific time; you’re free to study at a feasible time. 

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Final Verdict 

It’s 2021. Most people are preparing for the examination through online medium just because there are tons of different courses allowing you to access their sources at a very minimum amount. If you’re the one who’s supposed to crack the GRE without any hassle, it’s better to study online. 

Through this detailed post, I’ve shared the top 7 platforms considered the most effective and authentic source to learn about GRE. So carefully check them out substantially and avail for it as per the requirement.

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