8 Best Marketing Analytics Courses & Certifications [2020]

Are you the one looking for the best marketing analytics courses and certification?

Well, you are at the right place we will be discussing the top 8 best marketing analytics courses and certification which you can use to maximize your learning skills. The best thing about the courses is that they are trusted by 20+ business experts which were the true sense of using it. 

So without any further ado let’s get started.

Marketing Analytics Courses & Certification In 2020

Following are the top 8 best marketing analytics courses and certifications which you need to know about:-

1. University Of California (edX) – Marketing Analytics Certification By Berkeley 

Marketing Analytics Certification By Berkeley -min

This micrometer class will help you in various marketing aspects which is essential for you to think to know in order to grow your business. The techniques are been taught in such a way that one will be able to gain practical knowledge of marketing Analytics. These marketing class usually focuses on analytics and the source of various crucial factors.

In each organization data is an important part which was be maintained in such a way that it should be secure always. Apart from this solving the real-world problem is what they teach you from the courses they provide. They provide the best business analytics certificate issued to maximize your efforts.

Key Features:

Unique selling point (USP) is the most important factor that’s what we have mentioned below:-

  • Its analytics tools help you to analyze the content and applications in real life. 
  • You will get to learn about the advanced programming language which is essential who set up a website.
  • You will get to learn about trending Deals And offers which you can use to maximize your revenues.
  • The demonstration and online teaching will help you to use their teachings in your business.

Duration Of Course:

You will get to learn about four courses each week and each course takes 4 weeks to complete. Despite this, the duration, of course, is 5-7 hours per week.

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2. University Of Virginia (Coursera) – Marketing Analytics

University Of Virginia (Coursera) – Marketing Analytics-min

The University of Virginia is one of the renowned University of all time who provides the best marketing analytics course for young entrepreneurs and beginners. If you are the one looking for the best offers of learning marketing analytics then this could be a great choice for you.

Their certification will provide you with the tool which can be used in creating the best assets and brands. Apart from this, you will get to know about the optimization of the marketing campaign. This will help you not to grow your business in terms of revenue and all other aspects that are essential for you for brand growth. It is the all-time favorite and best course which you can capture from Coursera. 

Key Features:

Following are the major features provided by the course:-

  • You will get to know about the brand details and its position on across the market.
  • Use of data analysis using various tools also you will get to know about how to find alternative options.
  • Get to know about the investment which is essential in each marketing strategy. 
  • There is no requirement of prior certification to Get enroll in the course.

Duration Of Course:

The course belongs to 14 hours of detailed analysis so you can easily get to learn more about marketing analytics and a lot of things that make your business grow.

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3. Certification By Columbia University (edX) – Marketing Analytics

Certification By Columbia University (edX) – Marketing Analytics-min

If you are new to the digital medium and wanted to learn more about your undergraduate mathematics and the programming language then this is the most Acquirable course of all time that you’ll always need to maximize your expertise level. Throughout the course, you will get to learn about marketing analytics and its statistical computation which makes the two Saints for setting up a business.

They use the models and techniques which allow you to get connected to your consumers in order to know more about them. It will help you to build a strong relationship. At the end of the course, you will become perfect in decision making and various different methods of the forecast.

Key Features:

Following are the things which you will get to know about if you get enrolled in the course:-

  • Discover the project details and getting involved in it, you’ll get to learn more about it.
  • Demand forecasting is a customer best model which allows you to create the best business strategies.
  • Discover the rates and process of the products in order to get yourself involved in the marketing analysis, it’ll give you the best ROI.
  • The complete details of the course and the videos are available for free and if you want to get the certification of the course they take very minimum charges for it.
  • A lot of exercises are used to provide which will help you to grow significantly.

Duration Of Course:

Used to provide only one single course which will last for approximately 12 weeks. You need to invest your 8-10 hours per week to reach up to the pro level.

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4. Udacity – Become Marketing Analyst 

becoming marketing analyst udacity-min

It is a nano course about marketing and analysis which will give you in-depth knowledge about marketing and business. Also, it’ll help you to acquire more skills in it. Also, you will get to know about analyzing the data and managing it subsequently, Google Analytics, etc.

During the course, you will also get introduced to various analysis like visualization, google analytics, and data analysis that is essential for you to know about so as to maintain sustainability. Apart from this they also provide the Technical solution for each problem you face so that you will get to know more about the negative side.

Key Features:

If you get to subscribe to the course you will get to know about the following things:-

  • Learn about communication insights and visualization that you need to know about the business and Analytics.
  • You will get in-depth knowledge about Google Analytics and advanced reporting service which will help you to optimize results and personalize the info.
  • Get to know about marketing and analytics which will help you to grow your business and brand.
  • They also offer you a custom learning plan accordingly you can select as per the time which suits your schedule.

Duration Of Course:

They offer you the three months of course which can learn anytime depending on your choice. And the course can learn 5 hours/ week.

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5. Data Tools And Techniques (edX) – Marketing Analytics By Wharton

Data Tools And Techniques (edX) – Marketing Analytics By Wharton-min

This marketing analytics program is perfect for those who believe in doing while learning, so if you’re amongst them on would highly recommend you to get yourself enrolled into this masterclass that provides you complete value. Whenever you will get to know about the course it comes handy for you to get in-depth knowledge about it.

By the completion of this course, you will get to learn more about the detail about the marketing knowledge and its Analytics which measure true sense for growing your brand and business.

Key Features:

  • The lecture consists of various analytics which makes the two sense to know more about marketing.
  • The complete course is divided into various sections which makes the process much easier for the students to capture.
  • You will understand more about regression and marketing Analytics. 
  • You will get to learn about various tools and mathematical entities that are essential for your business growth.
  • The courses are available as per your choice you can select the time and learn about it.

Duration Of Courses:

The organization provides a single which can get complete within 6 weeks hardly and you’ll need to give 3-4 hours per week accordingly.

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6. University Of Illinois (Coursera) – Digital Analytics For Marketing Professionals

University Of Illinois (Coursera) – Digital Analytics For Marketing Professionals-min

If you are the one who has to build strategic and solid Foundation behind marketing then this course is just made for you which provides the true value. Just get learn about the knowledge and Analytics which makes your business more profitable and reliable in terms of each aspect. Also, you will get to learn about the problem-solving process.

When you are in the certification from this course you will get experts in various different fields that make your business grow. If you are a working professional then here is a great opportunity for you to Grab the course according to your need.

Key Features:

If you are a working professional or an entrepreneur then you will be replaced by the features provided by this course, I have mentioned below the features:-

  • The course provides you with the introductory features of marketing and Analytics that helps you to grow.
  • It works with various analytics tools and provides the analytics of marketing. 
  • Is the topic is elaborated in such a way that you will get used to it.
  • You will acquire knowledge about project management and services.
  • Get to know about consumers and their info for getting more sales.

Duration Of Courses:

The duration of the courses is 14 hours per week, and 4 weeks of study.

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7. Marketing Analytics And Automation Classes

Marketing Analytics And Automation Classes-min

What is doing over 130 different courses it’s been noticed that this course has something unique which states that you will learn more about the automation and marketing Analytics which is essential in this era for growing your own brand. You will find that their programs are arranged in such a way that even if you are a beginner then you will learn more about it more frequently.

They have categorized the course into three different patterns i.e. beginners, intermediate, and advanced so that you can decide the stream to get involved in as per the choices. Once you find the learning pattern you can enroll yourself into that. Some of the best selling course is Google’s analytics and data driving marketing.

Key Features:

  • The coaches are characterized in where is a different manner so that it will be easier for you to find which one suits your requirement.
  • You will learn and get addresses from the top marketers and teachers.
  • There are a vast number of examples and practice sessions accordingly you can select to maximize your learning.
  • You can attend lectures to download it in an offline mood so that you will find it easier to know about it.
  • Study material and the required data can be captured just by paying a very small amount.

Duration Of Course:

You can get connected with the course depending on your time that suits you.

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8. Emory University – Foundation Of Marketing Analytics

Emory University – Foundation Of Marketing Analytics-min

If you have some sort of knowledge about Analytics this is the perfect choice for you to get yourself Android into this course of Emory University. Their intermediate course helps where are young entrepreneurs and beginners grow their brand using the right marketing strategies.

If you are a working professional, then you can easily identify and interpret the relationship between variables, deriving various models of data, etc. Use various data for the efficient Analytics of the business. Enter the journey with the final project and you will be placed by the results that you will see an improvement in yourself. The whole process of marketing and Analytics is discussed in the videos which you can fetch from their website.

Key Features:

  • Courses are divided into six different specializations accordingly you can select as per your choice.
  • There is an efficient amount of practice including delicious so that you can enhance your expertise in each field.
  • The final process gives you a chance to be perfect in the project analysis.
  • You can find and organize the data accordingly. 
  • You will have to complete all the assignments and the theoretical parts to gain the certification.

Duration Of Course:

You will get to learn the six advanced courses within 7 months and the duration is 3 hours per week.

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Final Verdict

Here we’ve discussed the top-ranked courses which you can acquire immediately so that you’ll reach the expertise in each aspect. Get yourself enrolled in the above top 8 best Marketing analytics courses and certification to grab the knowledgeable context.

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